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Percutaneous spine instrumentation


Overview and Indications

The use of internally implanted instrumentation (screws, rods, plates, etc) is a universally accepted and common treatment for stabilizing the lumbar spine.Through small incisions, screws and rods are percutaneously placed to stabilize the spine.instrumentation avoids the large, muscle stripping procedure to the lower back, resulting in less post-operative pain. Patients mobilize much quicker, spend less time in the hospital, and return to normal daily living faster.

By avoiding the large back incision, there is less surgical trauma and less post-operative scarring of the back muscles, which are very important in the eventual post-operative rehabilitation of the patient.

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Success Stories

Dr Abhijit pawar

My wife Pramila shinde had spinal tuberculosis and she was bed ridden due to paralyisis. Paralysis at such young age and her life became miserable. We met doctor Abhijit Pawar who went out of the way to help us. She underwent a successful spine surgery with instrumentation with Dr Abhijit Pawar.